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Katherine "Green" Ohlson is an animation artist located in Los Angeles. She has worked as a storyboard
revisionist at Titmouse LA on the new Beavis and Butthead special and series;
 and she has interned at Milk Studios LA. 

She loves exploring the vivid inner worlds and emotional struggles of her protagonists, and articulating those concepts visually through animated storytelling, comics, and photography. (She's gone by the nickname "Green" since she was 17, but using the name "Green" OR "Katherine" to refer to her is completely fine!) 

 In the pandemic summer of 2020, she created a 90-page comic called “Hole”, about a girl who finds a
hole growing in her bedroom. Green has completed 3 short, animated films and she released her thesis
film “Scrounger” in May 2021. The film was selected for the CalArts 2021 Producers Show and the FIAF
NY student animation competition. Green has directed and animated freelance projects for the National
Gallery of Art, Midnight Oil Animation, and Universal Music Group. She is available for full time or
freelance work.


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Instagram & Twitter: @greenohlson

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